ibug 2022: urban art festival in Flöha, Saxony

The Industriebrachenumgestaltung – ibug for short – is returning to their 2021 venue this year. From August 6, the former paper mill in Flöha will once again host the festival for urban art and become a canvas for regional, national and international artists. After a two-week creative phase and the digitalization of all exhibits, curious industry and art lovers can experience a temporary exhibition during two festival weekends – from August 26 to 28 and from September 2 to 4. In addition, a colourful festival programme is planned again this year, including guided tours and films, discussions and artist talks, and music.

Almost 300 creative people from a total of 41 countries had applied for ibug 2022. Around 75 artists, duos and collectives are now invited to unfold on the site and design both indoor and outdoor spaces with a mix of genres ranging from painting and graffiti to installations, sculptures and textile art, photography and multimedia. Without Corona-related travel restrictions, ibug alumni and new faces from all over Germany will once again be joined by more international guests, from Sweden to Italy, from Great Britain to Israel, from Portugal to Russia. The longest journey to Flöha will probably be made by Barbara Daros from Brazil, Sergio Stuff from Puerto Rico, the Mz. Icar Collective from the USA and Wartin Pantois from Canada. The latter was already a guest at ibug in Chemnitz in 2017.

At a glance:

ibug 2022 – Festival for Urban Art
August 26-28 / September 02-04
Buntpapierfabrik Flöha (Augustusburger Straße 118, 09557 Flöha).

Opening hours:
Friday: 3 to 8 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm
Beer garden on the festival grounds until 10 pm.

The artists of ibug 2022:
adhocrates collective (AT), Andre Krommer (Dresden, DE), Anja Fischer (DE), Artourette & Liserlegal (Dresden, DE), Barbara Daros (BR), Berni Puig (ES), Chiara Capobianco (IT), Cosmo Logical (GR), Dante (GE), Dante Arcade (ES), Dima Korma (UA/IL), Einat Shteckler (IL), EJSMONDT (PL), El Bocho (Berlin, DE), Engin Dogan (Aschaffenburg, DE), Eva Haupt (Düsseldorf, DE), fårce RAIK (Berlin, DE), FeoFlip (ES), Floor Smit (DE), Foodie (DE), Frau Albert (Dresden, DE), Freizeitgruppe Gestaltung (Glauchau, DE), giza_one (Köln, DE), Gosp (Leipzig, DE), Guido Günther (Chemnitz, DE), HÜLPMAN (Berlin, DE), ILUC X Fabricate (RO), Insomundo & Hormis (CH), Molera (ES), Jens Roth (Köln, DE), JHNYO + Carli Halvars (SE), Jo Higgs alias ‚Jo¥‘ –> Joyen (GB), Margalef (ES), Kai Semor (Berlin, DE), KleinLaut (Leipzig, DE), KOZ DOS (IT), Krepki Palez (RU), Lisa-Marie & Alicia (Chemnitz, DE), Los Pepes Studio (PT)l, Luke Carter (Leipzig, DE), m05k (DE), Madeleine Marquardt + Theresa Kretsch (DE), Marian Kretschmer (Chemnitz, DE), Marie-Luise Pößl (Flöha, DE), NSN997 (ES), Mz. Icar Collective (US), Nikita Nomerz (RU), OFFBEAT (Hamburg, DE), Paul Melzer (Leipzig, DE), Peter Fahr (Leipzig, DE), Pietro Vitali (IT), Reus (Leipzig, DE), Ricardo Romero (PT), Sergio Stuff (PR), Simon Schirmer (DE), SLEX (Plauen, DE), Sonja Ben & R.rotx (ES), TAT – Temporary Autonomous Territory (DE), Thijs & Mandy (NL), Tim Grimmert (DE), Tometomy (ES), Thorsten Wohlfahrt (DE), tschief (Berlin, DE), Vincenzo Blumetti (IT), Wanda Hutira (RO),Yessiow & Stijn (ID/BE), Your Mum’s Knights (RU)