ibug 2022 attracts more than 10,000 art fans to Flöha again

After a successful festival in 2021, The Industriebrachenumgestaltung – ibug for short – took place in Flöha for the second time this summer. More than 10,000 curious people and art lovers visited the 17th edition of the festival for urban art in the former coloured paper factory on Augustusburger Straße over two weekends – from August 26 to 28 and from September 2 to 4. Around 70 artists came from all over Europe, but also from Brazil, Puerto Rico and the USA, and for this year’s ibug they once again brought the 5,000 square meter wasteland to life. With graffiti, paintings and illustrations, installations, sculptures and multimedia projects, they transformed it into a total work of art. On the two festival weekends, there also was a colourful supporting program with guided tours, films, artist talks, an art market and music. In addition, around 500 schoolchildren explored the exhibition and took advantage of the educational week offered as part of the festival.

For us as festival organizers, this year’s festival was special because for the first time we were guests in the same industrial wasteland as the year before. For us as a team, this was a new challenge and experience. We are happy that after two years with Corona-related restrictions we were able to present more international artists and multifaceted artworks and that the visitors had the opportunity to experience the exhibition and the diverse program without restrictions. The positive feedback motivates us for further work. Without the great support of the city, the numerous partners and sponsors, as well as the dedicated work of the many volunteers, the project would not have been possible. We would like to thank all of them, all our guests and also the understanding and patient residents around the former paper factory! Anyone who missed the ibug 2022 or wants to recall the exhibition retrospectively will have the opportunity to do so in a virtual tour on our website from the end of the year. It is not yet clear where ibug will continue in 2023. However, the project is to remain in Saxony.

The artists of ibug 2022:
adhocrates collective (AT), Artourette & Liserlegal (Dresden, DE), Barbara Daros (BR), Berni Puig (ES), Dante (GE), Dante Arcade (ES), Dilkone & Feros (UA), Dima Korma (UA/IL), Einat Shteckler (IL), EJSMONDT (PL), El Bocho (Berlin, DE), Engin Dogan (Aschaffenburg, DE), Eva Haupt (Düsseldorf, DE), fårce RAIK (Berlin, DE), FeoFlip (ES), Floor Smit (DE), Foodie (DE), Frau Albert (Dresden, DE), Freizeitgruppe Gestaltung (Glauchau, DE), giza_one (Köln, DE), Gosp (Leipzig, DE), Guido Günther (Chemnitz, DE), HÜLPMAN (Berlin, DE), ILUC X Fabricate (RO), Insomundo & Hormis (CH),  Jens Roth (Köln, DE), JHNYO + Carli Halvars (SE), Kai Semor (Köln, DE), KleinLaut (Leipzig, DE), Krepki Palez (RU), Lisa-Marie & Alicia (Chemnitz, DE), Luke Carter (Leipzig, DE), m05k (DE), Madeleine Marquardt + Theresa Kretsch (DE), Margalef (ES), Marian Kretschmer (Chemnitz, DE), Marie-Luise Pößl (Flöha, DE), Molera (ES), NSN997 (ES), Mz. Icar Collective (US), Nikita Nomerz (RU), OFFBEAT (Hamburg, DE), Peter Fahr (Leipzig, DE), Pietro Vitali (IT), Reus (Leipzig, DE), Sergio Stuff (PR), Simon Schirmer (DE), SLEX (Plauen, DE), Sonja Ben & R.rotx (ES), TAT – Temporary Autonomous Territory (DE), Thijs & Mandy (NL), Tim Grimmert (DE), Tometomy (ES), Thorsten Wohlfahrt (DE), tschief (Berlin, DE), Vincenzo Blumetti (IT), Wanda Hutira (RO),Yessiow & Stijn (ID/BE)